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Believing in Excellence

These super-helpful Beliefs of Excellence were written by the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This list is an excellent reference point for all of us when we might seek understanding, reassurance or positivity.

Here is a downloadable PDF list of the NLP Beliefs of Excellence for you to carry with you!

  1. The map is not the territory. Everyone has a unique perception - map - of the world. Respect other peoples’ maps of the world

  2. There is no failure, only feedback. Every experience provides feedback for the next time

  3. Behind every behavior is a positive intention. Even if the intention is not good for us, it is good for someone else

  4. Everyone makes the best choice available to them at the time they make it. The choices one makes are an outcome of one's unique personal history. A choice made is the best possible available at the time

  5. The meaning of communication is the effect. It doesn’t matter what one means to say, the meaning comes from how a listener hears and responds to it

  6. There is a solution to every problem. All problems were once a solution

  7. We have all the resources we will ever need within us. Even if we don't have something, we have the resource to identify what we need to get it

  8. The person with the most flexibility (in thinking and behavior) has the greatest influence. Flexibility enables one to maneuver in situations with ease

  9. Mind and body are part of the same system. Look after one & both will feel the benefit. Abuse one, both will feel the effect

  10. If one person can do it, anyone can do it. What we recognize in others is true about ourselves. If you can spot, it you’ve got it.

  11. The way to understand is to do. Learn a process to understand better

  12. We cannot not communicate. We are always communicating: with words, body language, eye movements & we communicate with ourselves in thoughts

  13. All people are magnificent in their own individual way

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