About Faith Hill, Founder of Spark Escapes

"I started Spark Escapes in 2015 after I quit the rat race to create my dream life.


I’d spent years in a wonderful career in media, but spent the final couple of years falling out of love with the work, recognising the stress it brought and realising that I wanted to beat to my own drum, not an employer’s anymore.


The idea for Spark Escapes came to me maybe 5 years before I actually started the business.  I attended a fantastic workshop which triggered the idea and started the process of change. But, as many people also experience, it took a while to bite the bullet as I was entrenched in fears about quitting my job and career that I’d spent so long building."

On my favourite beach in Thailand

Hosting an inspiration event at The Trampery Old Street, London

"In 2012, I finally quit and travelled around Asia for 9 months.  On my return to London, I took a contract rather than full time employment and started to make my Spark Escapes dream a reality.


I haven’t looked back. I now run my own business and manage my own hours. I am to travel much more and I have more time for friends and family.


I can speak from experience; it is possible to make your dreams happen. You may not want to live in Thailand like me, but I can help you realize your self belief and inner confidence to re-design your life however you want to."


I am a certified Life Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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