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Woman&Home Dec 2021

Woman & Home magazine Learn to Love Change Faith Hill Life Coa

Woman&Home May 2021

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Woman's Weekly April 2021

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Woman&Home February 2021 (box out)

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Woman's Weekly January 2021

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Woman&Home January 2021

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Woman's Weekly World Kindness Day

Woman's Weekly Nov 2020

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Woman&Home December 2020

Off the hook printed article faith hill.

Woman&Home August 2020

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Woman&Home April 2020

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Woman's Weekly August 2020

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Woman's Weekly June 2020

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Woman's Weekly May 2020

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The Homeworker February 2020


Planet Mindful March 2019

Floatation Tank Therapy


Planet Mindful January 2018

How I Created the Life I Wanted to Lead

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DrivenWoman June 2019


Planet Mindful April 2018

The Healing Powers of Forgiveness

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DrivenWoman October 2015

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Talented Ladies Club September 2015