• Faith Hill

Finding a Coach Who Completely Changes the Course of Your Life

In 2010, I had an enviable job in publishing, a good salary, fun people to work with and a solid career path ahead of me. But despite all this, I was often unhappy at work and wondered if there might be a different career more suited to me.

Not sure how to explore this feeling, I flicked through Stylist magazine one morning on the way to work and spotted a very small mention of a forthcoming 2-day workshop in London: 'Discover work that you'll love', led by a lady I'd never heard of. It was such perfect timing so, unusually for me, a typical deliberator, I jumped on it and booked a place as soon as I reached a computer.

I spent two incredibly uplifting days with new friends uncovering my true values, understanding what made me truly happy, how and where I like to work, discussing ideas with each other and feeling truly supported in what I wanted, not what I should be doing.

Who knew that I would get so much from a punt on a 2-line plug in a magazine? How did the universe make such a chance meeting happen at such a poignant moment? How could one stranger generate such an uplifting change in me... in two days!?

Either way, I am immensely grateful as that punt opened my eyes to opportunities I hadn't even considered. I finished the workshop with way more that I'd hoped for; I uncovered a burning passion and idea for a new business rather than a different career with another employer.

I still work with my coach to this day; she is my go-to person when I'm at a crossroads and need to centre on my values and inner self to make a decision. It is amazing what we can uncover within ourselves and accomplish with the support of a good coach.

What can you do now?

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