• Faith Hill

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

When you're fed up with your lot, in a bind at work or have a difficult decision to make, have you ever heard yourself say 'I need time to think'? STOP! There is another solution...

Wanting to spend more time in our heads is a default setting for most of us; we want to mull things over (and over), replay past conversations, forecast the future or create random new scenarios which may never happen.

But listening to our mind's chatter more often than not doesn't solve our problems or make things better. It concocts a whole array of untruths based on assumption which can be dangerous.

Instead of spending time thinking, try to switch your focus to your heart:

- What makes your heart sing?

- What makes you smile and uplifted?

- What creates a feeling of carefreeness?

A wonderful friend and coach shared a valuable piece of advice with me. She told me to ask myself what the 'little girl' within me would like to do today. This gem takes me back to when I really was young and carefree and would get untold enjoyment from the simplest things. It helps me to quickly identify something which will make me feel happy, carefree and strong. It could be anything from 'this little girl wants to walk for hours outside by the river' or 'this little girl wants to dance for 5 hours and not care about anything or anyone' to something as simple as 'this little girl wants to paint her nails and watch Grease'.

By taking your focus from your mind to your heart and engaging in activities which bring you happiness increases endorphins and provides much needed time out from day-to-day life pressures. Look at this as a treat and not a distraction. When you do revisit your earlier thoughts, you will look at them differently, with a more positive view.

Read this list of 30 simple and fun ways to feed your heart on Lifehack.

What can you do now?

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