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Great Read: The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

"Set your own rules"

"Live the life you want"

"Change the world"

I've read stacks of books on my quest to live a life where I set the rules instead of someone else and The Art of Non Conformity really stands out as one of my favourites.

Chris Guillebeau takes you through his own journey of pursuing an unconventional life with the ups and some downs, and shares non-stop ideas on how you can change the way you live and work to create a more fulfilling existence.

He proves it okay to go against the grain of society, what your parents and friends say is the norm and that, yep, the world won't end if you're not in a 9-5.

'Think for yourself instead of following the crowd' he says.

He writes with a friendly and supportive tone and as 'one of us', not some smarmy 'look at me, I'm so goddamn amazing' lifechanger (I've read their books too). He's really likeable. There are great inspiring quotes throughout and numerous case studies to remind us that more and more people are breaking free and we can, and should, take the leap.

Guillebeau is also an avid traveller and has created a business model that allows him to travel all over the globe. He's a savvy saver and share tips and tricks to bag air miles, upgrades and even free travel and accommodation.

It's a great book to help you start realising your dream and can be dipped into again and again should you have a little wobble on your way to creating your life with your rules.

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