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Adult Colouring: A Creative Way To Meditate

Browsing through Amazon a couple of weeks ago for a birthday present for my mum, I was 'recommended' an adult colouring book. This was my first encounter but I now realise the craze in this - truthfully - addictive pastime has been alive for a while.

I ordered one for myself and one for Mum, with a set of coloured pencils for each of us.

Well, they've arrived and to be honest, I might get stuck into Mum's as well before her birthday arrives.

An article published on last June quotes Sally Austen, a consultant clinical psychologist: “Because colouring-in requires focus, it is quite meditative and mindful. You are completely in the moment, not ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. There is also – and this is probably quite significant – no element of competition or possible failure, which is quite rare these days.”

Being someone who can rarely sit still for more than 30 minutes, I have found colouring-in not only unbelievably satisfying but also a great way to just stop, sit still, relax and remain in the present. It's also a great way to spoil the little girl within (Spark Blog: Make Your Heart Sing)

And don't get me started on staying within the lines.

Useful adult colouring links:

- Find downloadable and printable mandala patterns here

- Buy a great selection on Amazon

- Treat yourself to colouring books by Johanna Basford

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