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Online Life Coaching Course

The Power of Positive Thinking: How to Think & Live Positively

My new online course will teach you how to maximise your positivity levels to get what you want in life. I've combined  my favourite and proven coaching techniques for this one-hour course on Udemy.

If you’ve always wanted to stop negative thought patterns and live more positively, this course is for you.

Negativity holds you back from getting what you want in life. If you think negatively – if you say negative things to yourself - your brain believes it. If you think, speak, act positively, your brain believes this too. The result is a positive outlook on your Self, life experiences, relationships and work.

In this course, I will teach you eighteen proven techniques so you can:

  •        Recognize and change negative thought patterns

  •        See and shift negative behaviours

  •        Create and maintain a positive, happy and more carefree mindset

  •        Relax your mind and enjoy life’s adventures


As a New Direction Coach, I help people all over the world get what they want in life. This all starts from a positive mindset, having a can-do attitude and self-belief. I speak from my own experience and also from my work with coaching clients.


As we go through this course together, I will help you develop an awareness of your thought patterns and behaviours. You will be able to observe what you are thinking, saying or doing and make significant changes. This is essential for your mindset growth.


All the techniques are simple and straightforward. They will enable you to take control of your thoughts, actions, feelings and experiences and will set you up for experiencing more joy and happiness. Even if you apply just a few of these proven techniques, you’ll notice the difference in your positivity levels and your attitude. Imagine the difference if you practice all eighteen?


After taking this course, you will:

  •       Possess a positive mindset which will enable you to get what you want in life

  •       Release negative thoughts and emotions that are holding you back

  •       Increase your self belief and confidence

  •       Be the positive person you have always wanted to be

  •       Feel more inner peace and calm

  •       Recognise and be grateful for all the abundance in your life


Sign up for this course and you will very quickly shift your mindset to one of positivity, joy and confidence. The host platform, Udemy, will propose you the best price in your local currency; it is usually approx £15.00 or $19.99.


Please, please - if you have time - give the course a rating and review on Udemy. Your feedback is extremely valuable to me as it firstly  helps other seekers of a positive mindset pick the right course and, secondly, helps me personally understand what content people love or would like more of. It takes just one minute to leave a review on Udemy, and I thank you immensely in advance for that minute of your time! Faith x