NLP Practitioner Training - Thailand

10-17 October 2016

Learn NLP, change your life, gain an internationally recognised qualification, become a qualified Coach and help people change theirs.

We are very proud to collaborate with Nina Madden - an internationally renowned NLP Coach and Trainer - to offer you the chance to become an NLP Practitioner in Thailand. Nina trained Spark Escapes founder, Faith Hill, in NLP and has taught thousands of other students this incredible form of coaching.


NLP is a powerful method to get the best out of life in every area. Once you qualify as an NLP Practitioner you will be able to help people change their lives, be happier, and live with more meaning and fulfilment. This NLP Practitioner has been likened to a ‘tool box’ of mental, emotional and physical skills, collected from all forms of effective excellence in all walks of life. It is the study of what works well and what works quickly.

This qualification will enable you to help people to resolve the past, feel happier and freer and more confident. You will not only gain a professional qualification; you will change your own life too! Nina has over a decade’s experience and is known for her effective, real skills training where she combines vivid life experience, sense of humour and great clarity to how to help people overcome difficulties and create a compelling and authentic life.


This NLP Practitioner is internationally recognised. It is accredited by the ABNLP and Nina is also a registered training provider with the ANLP. This means you can join the two biggest boards of NLP internationally and be recognised both in the US and the UK.

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The cost for this training, including mid-range dormitory accommodation and 2 meals a day is 1400 GBP.

Registration is now open. To register, please email or call +44 (0) 7906 255 529 and quote 'Spark Escapes'