Marietta Birkholtz RPP BScHons (OT) RYT500


Marietta Birkholtz is a vocation coach and passionate workshop facilitator. After training in San Francisco with Richard Bolles, the author of the world's best-selling career guide, 'What Color is Your Parachute?', she developed her first vocational service in 2001 and has been running successful workshops ever since. Marietta also offers sessions to individuals.

She has been a registered occupational therapist for 14 years and gives most things a go, whether it is opera singing or piloting a plane. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and loves to spend time at her favourite yoga spot in Goa, India.

Praise for Marietta Birkholtz


“This workshop was truly transformational. Marietta’s creativity, professionalism and facilitation skills are superb. I came away from the weekend feeling completely inspired.” - J. Gash


 “This weekend was all I was hoping for, and more! I just got a new job which is thanks to you, and I now have the confidence to make plans towards my own business next year.” - F. Gonzales


"Thank you for giving me the confidence to be who I am, you really inspired me. I now know that I can do what I previously thought impossible." – A. Barton


“The parachute workshop was thoroughly engaging and inspiring both personally and professionally.  Marietta conveyed knowledge, enthusiasm and competence within a relaxed and fun environment conducive to learning.” - D. Taylor