Spark Escapes Manifesto

© Spark Escapes 2015


Having a personal manifesto (or mission statement) can really help you make your dreams and goals a reality. If you start to veer off course, or back towards your old life/work, re-read your manifesto to get back on track.

Here is the Spark Escapes' manifesto:


We believe all of us can create the life we want… we only live once but if we do it right, once is enough!

We believe we can turn our dreams into a reality.  We believe we can live an unconventional life and not do what society expects.

We believe that time out from day-to-day life spent in the right environment can work wonders, whether it’s a day or a week or a year.

We believe that we are surrounded by inspiring and supportive beings… we may know them well or they may be strangers that pass through our lives.


At Spark Escapes, we will:

- inspire you to create the kind of life you love

- show you that it is possible and easy to achieve your dreams and goals

- help you connect with - and make a living from - your passions

- empower you to find the resources you need inside of you: self-inspiration

- help you achieve a happy work/life balance

- provide encouragement and support


“If you are trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be”