Quit the Rat Race - Make It Happen

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At this special after-work event, I will interview 4 inspiring people who have quit the rat race and re-designed their lives.


These two-hour sessions allow you to hear how others have made a positive change, ask questions to help you on your own transition journey and get assured that it really is possible to make a change.


I dare you to come and not leave full of ideas and enthusiasm!

Speakers are detailed below, please scroll down.

These events sell out: please book your tickets early as space is limited.

Thursday 2 May | 6.30 - 8.30pm

The Canvas Creative Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, E1, London

Tickets: £12


Richard Conner is the founder of Transformerpreneur.com, an organization helping people build a transformation business. He is also the author of several books including ‘Break Your Busy’. In his former life, Richard was an award-winning architect in London and ran his own creative agency. During his own transformation, Richard spent time living in a cave in Thailand; more details on this story at the event!


Laura M has just resigned from her job as a Corporate Lawyer in the City.  She will soon head to Asia to travel with her partner and then look for a new job overseas. Laura will share how she found the courage and self belief to step right out of her comfort zone by leaving a job without another to go to and how she has learnt to be okay with change and uncertainty.

Terri Leary is a successful Virtual Assistant (VA), working for several international clients at a time. She enjoys working from home and sometimes at a client’s office in Soho. Terri used to work full time, full tilt as Global Operations Manager at a tech start-up. Terri now enjoys fewer working hours, more holidays and true work life balance.


Faith Hill is your host and founder of Spark Escapes. After a long career in media, she is now a life coach and NLP practitioner. Faith will share her story of how she quit the rat race, re-trained to create an online coaching business and moved to a remote tropical island.

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