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how to set goals - and stick to them

Use this new proven approach to goal setting to make sure you get what you want in life

Why a new approach to setting goals?

Many things in life and the world have changed since March 2020. A new approach to goal setting means being aligned with your values; choosing what you want versus what other people or society expects; incorporating self care and your wellbeing. It means stretching yourself but not killing yourself. It means being kind to yourself.

Download this free 10-page workbook 'How to Set Goals -

A New Approach' and learn:

  • How to determine your core values

  • How to set SMART goals

  • A simple goal prioritisation exercise

  • 8 tips on how to successfully stick to your goals

  • Manifesting ideas

  • List of powerful affirmations

  • To commit to the first step for each goal NOW

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