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Even with the world in flux, there is still one thing you can be certain of: you really can design your life - personal and work - exactly as you want it to be.


I am a certified Life Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I am an online coach - a virtual life coach if you like - so you can work with me from the comfort of your home.


I can help you:

- Change your life in a positive way

- Create a new way of thinking or being

- Reduce feelings of anxiety, fear or stress

- Adapt to new circumstances and embrace uncertainty

- Increase your confidence and motivation

- Reduce the noise of negative thought patterns

I provide personal coaching for individuals as well as private coaching for employees who are working from home.

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life coaching & NLP with faith

Coaching can change your life. Read more about how I can help you

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The Power of Positive Thinking: Re-program Your Brain

1-hour online course


"Great to work with Faith who is exceptional at what she does. I wanted some help and support to make changes but couldn't pick through my jumbled thoughts of what and how. Faith's methods brought absolute clarity, helped me to look at things differently and build a clear plan with objectives. I suddenly realised this was all possible and without her valuable advice I would never have got this far. I look forward to booking future sessions - her coaching is invaluable!"


"After working with Faith, I have never felt better, felt so clear about what I want and what I need to do to make the difference that myself and my family need. Balance has entered my life and I feel awake for the first time in years!"

Sam Hellen, UK

"Faith is an incredibly talented and brilliant coach. She has been a key part of my support system during one of the most important and transitional parts of my life. She is a shining star of positivity and light and she sees all possibilities without bounds."

Justine Walsh, London

"Faith is intuitive and extremely knowledgeable and draws upon her own experience to provide reliable and relatable advice. I had underestimated the importance of having the advice from someone outside of my usual circle. Faith’s ability to help re-frame perceived problems and offer insightful guidance has helped make the path clear. I really hope to continue using coaching with Faith in the future!"

Laura M, Australia

"Thank you so much for your words and unique support. My life got much more easy with lots of space to breath, just because of one hour with you. Your suggestions are my daily companion."

JS, Germany

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